Police Force 26" Automatic Expandable Steel Baton

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If you need a self-defense tool that you can rely on to be at your side, the new generation of friction lock batons is ready for duty. The Police Force "push-button" safety lock prevents errant openings. Yet this push-button automatic expandable baton opens lightning fast and closes with a "solid" push of the button.

To Open - flip the safety off and press the "release lever." The baton will spring into action to defend you. 

To Close - Vigorously drive the tip end into the ground or hard surface, just like you would a traditional friction lock baton.

Police Force 26" Automatic Expandable Steel Baton

Glass Breaker - check out the built-in glass breaker with heavy-duty lanyard and nylon scabbard. This dependable defensive tool works exceedingly well for law enforcement or personal safety professionals.


10.5" Closed

26" Extended

1" Diameter (1-3/8" widest point)

Push button Open

Nylon Scabbard

Rubberized Grip 





(No reviews yet) Write a Review