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Police Force ~ 12" Expandable/Telescopic Key-Chain Baton ~ Compact 6"

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Product Overview

An assumed lack of strength is the reason attackers think women are weak. A woman can’t defend herself or run away when she is attacked—that’s what they think!

It is not true because you are strong and capable of keeping yourself safe. With the right self-defense weapon in hand or your purse, you can enter any room, garage, or building exuding confidence.

In our opinion, one of the best weapons for self-defense would be a baton, as it can leave the attacker with painful memories of the encounter. Yet, not every woman can land a heavy blow with a 21” or 26” baton.

Also, there’s a chance of the attacker grabbing the baton and easily taking it out of your hands.

Keeping this in mind, POLICE FORCE presents a compact telescopic keychain baton that protects you without letting the person with strength get the upper hand.

  • KEYCHAIN RING to carry it with you. No matter the place or time, you can grab the expandable baton with a keychain ring along with your keys and phone.
  • 12” EXPANDABLE BATON to land an impactful blow. There is not enough room on the other end of the baton to grab and take it from you.
  • BLACK FINISH to see the baton even in darkness. Let the shine of the baton guide you in hurting the attacker who came to hurt you.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review