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Pink Pen Knife ~ Serrated Blade ~ Refillable Ball Point Pen

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Product Overview

Your workplace is supposed to be a safe environment for you to work and grow. Yet, it can become a place of your worst nightmares if you catch the eye of a predator!

An easily concealed and discreet personal defense knife. It looks like an ordinary pen but removing the top reveals a stainless steel blade

Feeling unsafe in your office where you spend 9-10 hours every day can be an unsettling experience. If the predator is someone you can’t touch, even with a harassment complaint, you need something to protect yourself. That’s where the pen knife comes in.

  • CONCEALED SELF-DEFENSE: When the elements are against you and desperation becomes a consistent feeling, carry the concealed pink pen knife. It looks like a regular pen. No one will be able to guess that it’s a weapon that you are willing to use if things go wrong!
  • SERRATED BLADE: Removing the cap reveals a serrated blade. The 2” blade is stainless steel and sharp enough to injure your attacker. Your worst nightmare can become a ray of hope if the situation works in your favor. You can let the predator know you are well-protected even if they find you alone in the breakroom.
  • NOT JUST A WEAPON: The pink pen knife for self-defense is more than a weapon! The ballpoint pen can be refilled with black ink. You can also use the knife as a letter opener and as a warning to any predator waiting for the right moment!




(No reviews yet) Write a Review