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PhaZZer Titan

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Product Overview

Many "people" ask which "direct contact stun gun" is the most effective high voltage, low amperage for temporarily incapacitating an aggressive assailant. (Undisputed Champion is the PhaZZer Titan) 

The most effective hand-to-body contact drive stun gun is the "PhaZZer Titan." This self-defense product puts out 3000KV and approximately 1.25 mA, which creates a legitimate NMI effect if targeting the critical areas of the body. 
PhaZZer products are well recognized for integrating ease of use and safety.
Safety Features
The Circuit Disconnet PhaZZer Ripcord Technology deactivates the unit's shock feature to prevent it from being used against the owner in case an attacker can take the unit away during an altercation.

Technical Specifications:

  • 3000KV Volts
  • Circuit Disconnect Rip Cord
  • 130 dB Siren Alarm
  • Blinding LED Light
  • Internal 6V NiMH Rechargeable battery
  • A/C Charger (built-in)
  • 3-position slide toggle switch for mode (Firing, LED, Siren)
  • Momentary pressure activated trigger for firing
  • ON/Off toggle Safety switch (located on the bottom)
  • Belt Clip Leather Case
  • Dimensions: 170mm(L) x59mm(W) x34mm(H)
  • Weight: 235g

Contents Include:

  • PhaZZer Titan Black
  • Leather Belt Holster
  • Circuit Disconnect Safety Ripcord
  • Operator's Manual & Warranty Card


(No reviews yet) Write a Review