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Personal Key-Chain Alarm /Flashlight ~ 120+Decibels Pink

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Personal Key-Chain Alarm/Flashlight ~ 120 +  Decibels ~ Black & Pink

Imagine walking on an abandoned street, late at night, with no more than a dim streetlight to guide your way. As you walk fast toward the other end of the street, you see lights from shops and people on their phones.

Suddenly, a shadow matches your footsteps and follows you. It gets closer and closer with each step you take, making you more anxious. How would you protect yourself from this potential danger when the other end of the street seems so far away?

  • You will take out your handy self defense keychain.
  • Press the alarm buttonthat produces a 120+dB sound (similar to a chainsaw or thunderclap).
  • Confuse the attacker with the annoying noise and turn around.
  • Shine the bright flashlight into their eyes.
  • Run as fast as you can to the other end of the street.

Panic Keychain Alarm

The silence of the night and the dark street are the attacker’s true friends. Unfortunately, they are your worst enemies! Do not let the elements make you a victim of crime.

Protect yourself by using the most effective self defense weapon – a self defense keychain. Let sound and light be your protectors. Grab them in one hand and confidently cross any street in your life.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review