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Perfume Protector 17,000,000 Stun Gun

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Product Overview

We recommend the Perfume Protector 17,000,000 Stun Gun that leaves the attacker with no control over his movements!

Unfortunately, a woman has to fend off a violent attacker using force at least once in her lifetime!

Sometimes, they manage to escape. Other times, they barely make it to safety. It’s the truth of this world that nobody can’t change. Still, there’s one thing you can do to change the outcome in your favor.

If you were to face an attacker, what would you want to have in your possession to strike a mighty blow?

  • BREAKS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN BRAIN AND MUSCLES:Perfume Protector Stun Gun interferes with the brain signals. It does not let the body receive the messages. The attacker won’t be able to control his muscles!
  • GIVES YOU THE TIME YOU NEED:3-5 seconds of contact with the attacker’s skin is enough. The contact will confuse the attacker and make them lose their balance. You won’t be physically overpowered, so you have the next five to ten minutes to run away.
  • ELEMENT OF SURPRISE: The self-defense weapon is perfect for night-time safety. It provides discrete protection with a bright LED flashlight and 17,000,000 volts. The attacker will never see it coming!




(No reviews yet) Write a Review