Fox Labs® Five Point Three®

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Fox Labs Pepper Spray

The Five Point Three line contains the famous 2% formula using 5.3 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU) OC resin.

Fox Labs® Five Point Three® Police Pepper Spray 1.5 oz. Fog. 213 reviews. $19.99. Sold out. Add to cart. 5.3 million SHU – World's hottest pepper spray and ...

This 3-ounce unit is used by the U.S. Military, all types of municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and civilians around the world.

All FIVE POINT THREE formulas are oil based.

The size of the unit is 5-3/4" height x 1-1/2" diameter

Discharges 24-26 one-half second bursts

Heavy Stream spray pattern reaches 8 to 10 feet

Spring loaded flip top helps prevent accidental discharge

Invisible UV dye for suspect identification under black light

Nonflammable & Taser safe


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