Mini Safety Alarm with LED Light

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Walk Alone Outside Worry-Free by Carrying a Mini Safety Alarm
It’s understandable that taking a run at night can be scary for some people. However, you can carry our mini safety alarm with a LED light in your hand when you’re going out. It looks like a small keychain that can make a loud sound if someone tries to attack you. If someone’s unable to hear the sound, they can react to the bright LED light from the mini alarm.

Mini Safety Alarm with LED Light

When Would You Ever Need the Super Loud Mini Safety Alarm?

  • AT HOME:Not every home is safe for women. Having something to protect yourself with from physical violence will help you survive.
  • WHILE JOGGING:Your neighborhood might be safe, but you can’t trust strangers who come and go as they please. If you jog in a public park, you have to keep yourself safe with an alarm that alerts every living thing near you with a loud sound!
  • AT NIGHT:Walking to your car alone at night? Hold the mini safety alarm in one hand, and stay ready to remove that keychain clip!

Why Should You Use the Mini Safety Alarm Keychain Weapon?

  • PEACE OF MIND:Carrying an alarm with a powerful 100 dB sound gives you the confidence that someone will hear you if you need help.
  • EASY TO CARRY:It’s a non-heavy and non-flashy keychain weapon with a body of 2.5 inches. You can pocket it and move around conveniently. You can put it in a purse, attach it to your keychain, or hang it on your backpack for easy access.
  • BRIGHT LED FLASHLIGHT:The sound can alert people, but it will take them some time to reach you. Until then, shine the bright LED flashlight into your attacker’s eyes!
  • COLORS:You can choose between four colors: Blue, Red, Pink, Black




(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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