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Shock Doctor "Braces" Mouthguard

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Product Overview

If you are wearing braces, you need the best mouthguard money can buy. For boxing (or MMA), the "Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard" is the best. 

At some point, you will get hit in the face at some point, how hard or to what degree of damage you will incur is unknown at this time. 

A wide range of options are available with this brand of mouthguard, so protect your teeth while in training and battle.

Ortho-Channel, for a secure fit over your braces that holds the mouthguard in place.

Key Features

  • Highly durable multi-layer protection
  • Both kids and adults options are available
  • Ideal mouthguard for those who wear braces
  • Specifically designed for athletes with braces
  • Medical grade silicone construction for maximum comfort and compatibility with braces
  • Insta-Fit, a process the requires no boiling or custom fitting


  • Affordable high quality protection
  • Easy to mould
  • Strap option available


  • Not ideal for larger jaws
  • Limited choice in design



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review