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ProForce® Tombstone Shield II

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Product Overview

ProForce® Tombstone Shield II

Advance your striking skills with ProForce® Tombstone Shield with a vinyl cover and durable foam. The material is reliable and designed to endure heavy kicks and punches.

With 20” length, 5.5” thickness, and 12.5” width, the ProForce® Tombstone Shield has a large surface area that inspires you to practice multi-striking combinations.

It’s secured with elastic arm bands on the sides and back. The four handles make it easier for the trainer to hold the shield while you practice your multiple combination strikes.

  • Learn Striking Combinations:The shield helps martial artists who’ve advanced from beginner to intermediate or further. It helps you come up with striking combinations that improve your skills for competitions and practices.
  • Combative Scenarios:The tombstone shield offers what a regular punching bag or focus mitts can’t—it gives you a chance to imagine combative scenarios and prepare your strikes for them. This can help while sparring with a difficult opponent or facing an enemy in real life.
  • Stay in Shape:Even if you aren’t using the ProForce® Tombstone Shield for martial arts competitions, it’s a great way to get a good full-body workout. The kicks and punches tone your muscles and improve your endurance.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review