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ProForce® Semi-Contact Headgear

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Product Overview

Martial arts training can be brutal if you are past the initial phase. The intensity is crucial to improve your skills as a martial artist, but without protective gear, you can't continue your training for long. To take advantage of martial arts training without losing focus due to injuries and bruising, you need ProForce® Thunder Headgear. 

Fully adjustable-detachable chin strap with hook loop closure. Back top padding is ergonomically position for maximum protection. Adjustable Hook loop closure ...
  • Two-Tone Design: The dynamic design of ProForce headgear gives you an energy boost. It makes the entire training experience more real than ever. The design encourages you to stay focused and train until you get better. 
  • Durable Vinyl Shell: The material of training headgear matters a lot because it determines whether or not the gear will distract you. The vinyl makes ProForce® Thunder Headgear durable and non-slippery. The reinforced seam stitching ensures that the material does not bother you.
  • Adjustable Chin Strap: The hook loop closure makes the chin strap fully detachable. You can remove it quickly if you get injured and need a break. The headgear's top padding is ergonomic, ensuring that you sustain the least amount of injuries. 

Want to make your training sessions more challenging? Don't forget to buy your ProForce® Thunder Headgear here!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review