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ProForce® Semi-Contact Glove

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Product Overview

ProForce® Semi-Contact Glove

Wearing a ProForce® Semi-Contact Glove during your training session is as important as wearing your head and chest gear. With gloves, your hands are susceptible to injuries that can keep you on the bench for a few weeks and hinder your training to improve your boxing skills.

ProForce® Semi-Contact Glove is better than any other for your training sessions because it helps you improve your semi-contact fighting skills. The design is two-tone with color combinations, such as black & red and black & white.

You can buy two pairs of the ProForce® Semi-Contact Glove in different colors for you and your partner. Keeping different colored gloves at the gym for training also helps sparring partners practice semi-contact fighting. Since there are multiple sizes available, you won’t find it difficult to find gloves in your size!

  • They have a reinforced vinyl cover and a hook-and-loop wrist wrap closure with elastic bands.
  • Injection molded foam padding is used for the gloves.
  • They are lightweight and available in two colors.
  • They have an open palm design to offer a good grip.
  • They offer additional support for the wrists.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review