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Proforce® Polypropylene Tonfa Black

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Proforce® Polypropylene Tonfa - Black 23.5"

Some martial arts training programs use Tonfa as a critical weapon to help students learn physical strength, coordination, and hand-eye movement. If you've never used a tonfa before, you should avoid the wooden ones to prevent any injuries. 

Start with the ProForce® Polypropylene Tonfa is black color with a 23.5" length. The pair of Tonfa is made of polycarbonate plastic, a material that's easy to carry even for amateurs. You can handle the length and not get hurt if you have an expert trainer helping you learn each new move. 

ProForce® Polypropylene Tonfa is a great weapon for practicing back fist and elbow fighting. It's highly unlikely for a regular human to be in a fight where special martial arts skills are required. Still, it helps to know some creative methods that confuse your opponent. 

  • The weapon is perfect for learning balance. Martial arts is all about being in control of your body movements. 
  • Tonfa helps you improve your stability while holding the pair of weapons with your fists closed and close to your forearms.
  • It helps improve your hand-eye coordination while increasing your physical strength. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review