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ProForce® Compression Shorts w/ Cup

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Product Overview

You must have heard many times that wearing compression shorts is best for professional athletes. They prevent onset muscle soreness and ensure their movements are not interrupted by fabric. However, ProForce® Compression Shorts w/ Cup is not only for professional athletes; it’s for everyone who’s into sports.

Anyone from a newbie who’s trying out aerobics for the first time to a martial artist who wants to reduce delayed muscle soreness can use this moisture-wicking fabric!

  • Cool and Dry: After a high-impact workout or an intensive martial arts training session, you don’t have time or energy to worry about a fabric that can cause a rash. ProForce® Compression Shorts w/ Cup takes the moisture away from your body and keeps you fresh and dry for the next task on your daily schedule!
  • For All Ages: These compression shorts are not only ideal for all sportspersons, but it’s also ideal for all ages. Whether you are a teenager playing professional football for the first time, or an adult man who wants to try aerobics, this multi-stretch fabric will make your sessions comfortable.
  • Vented TPR Cup: The material has a meshed cup pocket that keeps the air flowing and the TPR cup in place.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review