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ProForce® Combat MMA Shorts

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Product Overview

ProForce® Combat MMA Shorts

People often think that MMA shorts are optional and that any normal shorts would be fine for a workout session at an MMA gym. It’s possible to wear regular shorts, but the problems you’ll face are:

  • Lack of freedom of movement
  • Feeling uncomfortable
  • No protection
  • Loose waistband

When you need to focus on improving your skills and not let your shorts get in the way of it, you must check out ProForce® Combat MMA Shorts!

The shorts are designed for freedom of movement with a split thigh that allows for high-knee kicking. The fabric is stretchable and durable, giving you room to move around and improve your kicking skills.

ProForce® Combat MMA Shorts are made of microfiber fabric that does not feel uncomfortable when you are working out or sparring with a partner.

Unlike regular shorts, ProForce® Combat MMA Shorts have no zipper that can hurt your opponent during grappling.

The elastic waistband is stretchable with a hook-and-loop closure that prevents slips during a scuffle. The shorts stay in place and keep you from thinking about them while training.

Add ProForce® Combat MMA Shorts to your cart, and have a wonderful MMA training experience!




(No reviews yet) Write a Review