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ProForce 13 oz. Diamond Kata Gi (Traditional Drawstring)

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Product Overview

Are you tired of taking your newly-bought Kata Gi for alterations to avoid tripping during your training sessions? Wearing comfortable fabric during your Karate training is as important as learning the new moves and getting them right.

We eliminate this trouble by offering ProForce® Diamond Kata Gi with traditional drawstring, and 100% brushed cotton. The uniform comes in 11 sizes, and you can pick the one that fits you best.

  • No need to visit a tailor and explain all your changes while you wait for them to alter the uniform!
  • ProForce®Diamond Kata Gi are cut for perfect kata performance, so there’s no tripping during your training.
  • Jacket pants have a 2” wide hem and 10 lines of stitching. It also has an extended opening at the waist.
  • Pants offer unrestricted mobility with a dual-panel gusset crotch.
  • The diamond pattern from shoulder to shoulder is the real attraction of this Kata Gi.
  • The lining is comfortable and breathable, providing a fabric that keeps you cool and dry.
  • It weighs 13 oz. and does not come with a belt.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review