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Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite Series MMA Glove

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Product Overview

The Perfect Fusion of Innovative Design and Ancient Tradition

Check out Hayabusa's 100% premium 4 oz. full-grain leather Professional MMA gloves.

Dynamic Training

The Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite Series MMA Glove is built for intense MMA training with the padding a fighter needs for striking and the flexibility of an open palm glove. 

Designed to Protect and Last - Hand Respect and Lasting Power

The Hayabusa-designed glove utilizes the Y-Shape volar design which keeps your hand from moving around inside the glove so that you can switch between striking and grappling.

The multi-layered foam composition absorbs impacts. The No-Shift Design energy becomes less intense until it disappears or goes away. "Dissipation of Energy"

The Dual-X closure system eliminates the need to wear hand wraps as you train. The two interlocking straps comfortably secure the fit of your hand for incredible wrist stabilization. (no unwarranted hand movements)

                                                           MMA 4 oz Gloves

Size                    Hand Circumference (in)                  Hand Circumference (cm)

Small                                <8                                                        <20

Medium                         8 - 8.5                                                 20 - 21.5

Large                            8 - 9.5                                                21.5 - 24

X-Large                      9.5 - 10.5                                               24 - 26.7





(No reviews yet) Write a Review