Kubotans – Women’s Self Defense Weapons | Keychain Defense

Many people are under the assumption that to be great at self defense, you must take a class or a course in self defense. This assumption may be partially correct, but it is not a must. Many people have found ways to teach themselves or have come up with methods to defend themselves. One of these ways is the Kubotan.

The Kubotan - Women's self defense self defense products may sound like it’s something complicated and complex, but in reality, it’s just a small hand-held device that is used to impede an attacker. Many Kubotans are designed out of aluminum and most times it is made to attach to your key ring so that it is most always accessible by you. The Kubotan is a personal protection device, and it does work. It has the capability to stop any attacker in their tracks if t is used correctly. And no, it doesn’t take much to use it correctly so do not be scared off by this. It is probably one of the simplest self defense self defense products to use.

To use the Kubotan, just put it in the middle of your fist and strike your aggressor. The kubaton allows for your fist to become much firmer thus making for a stronger hit. You can use the end of the Kubotan to prod or poke the assailant as an effective method of defense as well. Many of the Kubotans today have a pointed end for this reason. When holding the Kubotan in your hand, you should always try to hit vulnerable areas of the body such as the face. If you can land a strike on their face or any other part of the body, your attacker will surely get the message, and that message is that you are going to put up one hell of a fight.

The object of the Kubotan is to stop any aggressor, no matter their size, in their tracks. With the right hit on the body, anything is possible. Contact with the assailant's vital areas doesn't have to be perfect. All that you need to do is forcefully "contact"  the opponent's body and they will receive the message. Another great feature of the Kubotan is that it attaches easily to your keyring. If you are about to be attacked, hold the Kubotan in your hand while swinging your keys. Your keys make a "significant" personal defense personal protection device, also.

This is a perfect fit for a woman. It became very popular with female police officers in the 70’s. It quickly became an every- day defensive personal protection device as officers would use it to tame disorderly suspects. It is still a commonly used item in its different forms to this very day in a multitude of applications.

Don’t take any chances with your safety. For a small price, you can have a life-saving item that you can carry around with you everywhere you go. There are basically no laws against carrying a Kubotan. The Kubotan offers the protection you need at a price you want.