ARMA 100 Kit - Bean Bag Gun

How TASERs Vary from PhaZZers and Arma 100

ARMA USA was copyrighted in 2006. The ARMA 100 was never designed for lethal purposes. Unlawful use of this personal defense personal protection device is strictly prohibited. The ARMA USA is warranted for twelve months against any manufacturer defects from the date of purchase.

Rarely can the environment influence the use of the ARMA 100. The simplicity of the design, the materials used with personal defense personal protection device are not dependent on weather conditions. Proper cleaning and maintenance procedures are well defined and easy to comply with. Prior cartridge assembly saves, time should the second cartridge be needed for a second assailant.

The effectiveness range of the ARMA 100 is up to 25 feet between the assailant and you.

ARMA 100 Bean Bag Gun


ARMA 100 Kit - Bean Bag Gun
ARMA 100 Kit - Bean Bag Gun


  • 3 Pistons
  • 3 End Caps
  • 4 Retaining Rings
  • 1 Piston Install Tool
  • 1 Bean Bag
  • 1 Cartridge
  • 1 Cylinder Adapter Kit
  • 2 Small Cylinders
  • 2 Large Cylinders
  • 1 ARMA 100
  • 1 Assembled Cartridge

The user's guide for this product is presented in a helpful, step by step format. The illustrations are precise with every part being labeled. Every step of the assembly builds on the next step in a natural progression.

The ARMA 100 Users Guide also covers the precise manner of cleaning and maintaining steps needed to keep this personal defense personal protection device in tip-top condition.

Below are a few stats to consider when selecting which self defense personal protection device you want to trust your life and the lives of your family?

Disadvantages of Pepper Spray:

  • Contamination of the area might involve innocent people and the user being affected also.
  • Sprays can take a few seconds to stop an attacker.
  • Windy weather can be hazardous when using pepper spray. The user must maker they are upwind of the target.
  • Different brands of sprays can vary in their quality and effectiveness.
  • Accidental discharge is always possible.
  • Different states have their own laws regarding pepper spray possession and use.
  • Pepper spray is illegal on all airlines.

Advantages of Pepper Spray:

  • Being able to keep an assailant at a safe distance from you while disabling them and stopping the attack.
  • Most spray canisters have a range of 8 to 12 feet
  • The mist and fogger sprays are great about laying a protective barrier in which the assailant must pass through to you.
  • The small size of the canister makes for easy carry, easy to use, non lethal in nature, and leaves no permanent affects.
  • The major advantage of pepper sprays - no permanent affects on the sprayed.
  • No continual or long term training is required and there isn't any reason for the user to be concerned about hurting someone.
  • There isn't any server danger such as with a firearm, regarding a child getting hold of a pepper spray unit.


When people under the influence of drugs or with existing heart conditions are repeatedly shocked with a TASER, many researchers have lined up on both sides of the issue.

“A major benefit of TASER use was a decrease in lethal force deaths.” Result - more lives were saved than lost using TASERs.

Law enforcement agencies must do a better job of training all their officers in the proper use of TASERs. This training must include how officers overcome “adrenaline rushes” when dealing with violent non-compliant citizens. Also, TASERs must not be the first choice of personal protection device used against out of control citizens.

One major important difference between TASERs and the PhaZZer Enforcer addresses the premise that when in the “heat of battle” the TASER has been repeatedly discharged into a non-compliant dangerous assailant. The assailant then absorbs 50,000 volts of electric current each time the TASER is fired. Once the cartridge “payload” is discharged, then the TASER automatically becomes a stun device, until a new cartridge is loaded into the TASER.

The result of updated medical studies shows that new standardized benchmarks are being established for the use of CEW's when deploying “charged barbs” into a live target.


With the PhaZZer Enforcer, a cartridge delivers 60,000 volts of electric shock. Then the Enforcer is able to be used a stun device, (direct contact) personal protection device. Furthermore, after three (5 seconds) shocks, the PhaZZer automatically shuts the unit down if the assailant's body has been exposed to a cumulative total of 3 (60,000 volts) shocks in rapid succession. If it is deemed absolutely necessary to use additional force, the “safety switch” on the Enforcer permits recycling of the three (5 seconds) cycles of electrical discharge. This innovative technology is meant to remind users during high-stress situations to demand control of their emotions, while the safety switch shuts the unit down temporarily, after three (5 seconds) shocks. PhaZZer Enforcers safety applies the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) 15-seconds limit rule automatically.

A PhaZZer Enforcer will cause an assailant to fall to the ground every time, so you escape to a safe location.

PhaZZer Enforcer uses a different recharging approach than their competitors. The Enforcer units contain a rechargeable and replaceable 7.2 Volt Lithium Ion Battery System. This battery system allows about 3,000 five second electro- shock deployments.