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Heavy Duty Tactical Pen with DNA Collector

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Product Overview

This heavy-duty tactical pen is not only perfect for everyday carry (EDC) and doubles as a professional writing instrument. This kubatan style weapon can be used for strikes, pressure points, control techniques, jabbing and eye gouging... whatever it takes to ward off the attacker.

With the built-in DNA collector, this pen can help solve a crime if you are attacked and strike the perpetrator with the collector end. The collector can also be used to break the glass.

Machined Anodized Aluminum

This high-quality unit is machined with anodized aluminum with a stainless steel pock clip. Parker refills will provide a smooth, evenly distributed writing pattern.


Black anodized aluminum body.

DNA collector.

Overall Length 6".

Weight 1.7 oz.

Black ink cartridge.

Parker Refills keeps the ink flowing smoothly.





(No reviews yet) Write a Review