Heavy Duty Belt Buckle - Titanium Coated Paperweight - Brass Knuckles

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Heavy-Duty Belt Buckle - Titanium Coated Brass Knuckles

Check out the improved Heavy Duty Belt Buckle with a Titanium "rainbow" color and Paperweight with a highly polished color coating. The four-fingered holes can fit almost any size of fingers. The belt pin fits on any dress or casual belt. 

Collectors Piece - Conversational Starter

Here is an office paperweight that will acquire a "second look" from your visitors. "Great conversation starter" that is decorative and functional.

Composition: Made of solid steel with Titanium Rainbow color.

Height: 2 3/4 Inches

Overall Length: 4.4 Inches

Finger Hole Dimensions: 1.125 x 1 inch

Thickness: 0.5

Width 2.25"




(No reviews yet) Write a Review