Heavy Duty Belt Buckle - Titanium Coated Paperweight - Brass Knuckles

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When you have your Heavy-Duty Belt Buckle fashionably attached to your clothing, no one will recognize it as a self-defense weapon. The titanium coating provides a rainbow shade to the brass knuckles, making it easier to disguise the solid steel self-defense weapon as a harmless tool.

  • Size That Fits All: The four-fingered holes of the brass knuckles will fit your fingers perfectly. Do not position them close to your knuckles. Otherwise, it will hurt when you have to use them for self-defense.
  • Fashion Accessory: The rainbow colors make it a fashion statement for people looking for a stylish belt buckle. You can also use the brass knuckles to stylize your boots.
  • Paperweight:The brass knuckles are not only for self-defense. They prove to be a reliable paperweight for office purposes. It makes a good accessory for men and women regardless of their use for personal protection.
  • Solid Steel Material:The belt buckle is made of solid steel coated with titanium rainbow color to mask it as an inoffensive tool. If you use it as a paperweight, no one will question your intentions of keeping brass knuckles.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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