HEATWAVE BLACKOUT 10% ~ 1/2 OZ Palm Size "Twist Lock" Canister

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When Should You Hold Your Pepper Spray in Your Palm?

  • When your "ex" keeps stalking you for days.
  • When you're walking alone on a dangerous street, you feel someone following you.
  • When you see a stranger approaching you with an unfriendly face.
  • When you have an office colleague who does not understand "boundaries."
  • When you're walking alone in a vacant parking lot.

While these situations are most common, you should hold your pepper spray as soon as your sixth sense starts tingling when you are on your own.

Why Should You Use the HEATWAVE BLACKOUT Pepper Spray?

  • The pepper spray comes with a twist-lock You won't waste any sprays with the accidental movement of your thumb or finger.
  • It is a palm-sized canistereasy to carry around in your purse or pocket. Even if you are stepping outside for five minutes at night, you can slide it into your pocket and walk without fear.
  • It is a 7% RED pepper & 3% BLACK pepperspray that will sting the attacker's face, eyes, nasal passage, and throat once it comes in contact. You will have a non-lethal but effective self-defense weapon for protection.




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Free Thinkers - Mavericks  - Personal Defense MAVERICK

Being a maverick isn't the same as expressing a rebel philosophy. A genuine (Maverick) shows emotional intelligence, which involves picking one battle and appreciating when to push one's ideas through to management.

Perseverance - 
A maverick mentality involves relentlessly pursuing their goals. Once they chart their course, they refuse to let setbacks stop them from reaching their goals. When faced with a "roadblock," a maverick will either go around the stumbling block or - knock it down. Seeking the guidance of a superior force displays intelligence and not arrogance.


Having the courage to keep going, even when things get tough, is a defining characteristic of an independent thinker.

But it also means being wise enough not to force their ideas but rather to step back and reevaluate after obtaining more information about the topic.