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HEATWAVE 23% OC ~ Riot Control 24 oz ~Pistol Grip

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Product Overview

Intruders and attackers do not understand the concept of personal space. They enter a home or office without permission and take whatever they want.

It’s not like we live in a world without rules, so why tolerate this behavior?

Protect your home or business from potential threats by keeping some cans of HEATWAVE NAPALM 23% OC on the premises.

  • PISTOL GRIP: Riots can get out of hand quickly. You may end up giving one of the opponents your self-defense weapons! The pistol grip of the canister prevents that from happening. You will entirely control the non-lethal weapon until you disperse the crowd.
  • PROTECTION FOR OFFICE: Small business owners and lobby staff of large companies can keep these cans nearby. Intruders do not work alone when robbing or attacking an office. There will be many people, and you’ll need to protect yourself and your business from them!
  • ATTACKS THE ATTACKER: The spray is non-flammable but highly effective in confusing the attacker. They will be in pain from the attack! The spray contains 18% red pepper and 5% black pepper solution. You can carry it around if you want and protect yourself from an assailant!
  • THE COLOR OF CRIME: The canister is filled with orange-colored dye that stains the attacker. If they run away after the attack, you can identify them with the help of law enforcement officers!






(No reviews yet) Write a Review