ASP Chain Handcuffs-Yellow

“Handcuffs are restraint devices designed to secure an individual’s wrists together.” The two principal parts of handcuffs consist of the linking mechanism (chain – hinge – rigid bar). “Each cuff half has a rotating arm which engages with a ratchet. This action prevents the cuff from being opened. If the key is lost or misplaced, the handcuffs cannot be unlocked.” The detainee won’t be able to move their wrists more than a few centimeters or inches apart. Many tasks will not be possible.

Frequent Uses for Handcuffs 

To prevent “suspected criminals” from escaping from police custody.

Standard “universal” cuff keys allow for easier transport of prisoners. Most standard police cuff keys will lock or unlock Smith and Wesson, Peerless, and Hiatts.


Contemporary metal handcuffs

  1. Chain Cuffs


2. Hinged Cuffs


3. Rigid Solid Bar Handcuffs

One Midwestern police department had a unique problem solved by temporarily restraining new detainees with pink handcuffs. New detainees controlled at the booking desk using pink-colored handcuffs. “Handcuffs – Restraint Devices

Disappearing Booking Cuffs 

Pink handcuffs were used at the “booking desk” so that the officer delivering their detainee; could leave with their handcuffs. The disappearing booking station handcuffs has been reduced, thanks to the pink handcuffs. When a person gets arrested, they’re brought to police headquarters in the arresting officer’s cuffs. The arresting officer is supposed to take off the handcuffs at the booking desk, where the individual is then placed in a different pair of handcuffs while they wait to be processed. The booking desk officer uses the newly acquired pink handcuffs to secure the detainee.

Hiatts Speedcuffs

Most of the police forces in the United Kingdom favor the Hiatts Speedcuffs for their rigid handcuffs. Another main advantage of the Hiatts Speedcuffs is that both the rigid and hinged cuffs can be applied using only one-hand. When pain-compliance/control techniques are necessary, one free hand is available for use by the officer. This procedure is not workable with the chain type of cuff. Rest assured in knowing that various access




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