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Guard Alaska Bear Spray Repellent

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Product Overview

Planning a trip to the woods for a fun getaway with family or friends? Don’t forget to take your bear spray with you!

You must have a self-defense weapon to protect you and your companions from bear attacks. You can’t face a wild animal without an effective tool that can easily incapacitate the animal and give you enough time to escape danger. 

This Bear Spray is made in the USA following government regulations to use against animals. Whether you encounter a bear or a wild dog, you can use the spray to hit the target and run away.

  • Cone Shots: The Bear Spray has 25 cone shots. With easy to operate pistol grip, you don’t need to be in the line of sight of the animal. You can spray it from a distance of 10-25 feet without missing. 
  • Strong Irritant: It contains 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids that can incapacitate multiple animals who’ve come to harm you. If you point the spray in the general direction of the animal, you’ll hit your mark with a strong irritant that will make them forget about you for a few minutes. 

Add Bear Spray to your cart and make your trip safe for everyone!

Check out the Mace Brand Bear Spray which combines an Advanced Delivery System with a Powerful Formula to protect you from Bears and Outdoor Threats.

Guard Alaska Bear Mace spray is made in the USA by Mace®, the leader in self-defense pepper sprays.

Key Features of Guard Alaska Bear Mace Spray: Up to 20 ft Range.

  • Power fogger  design empties the can in 9 seconds
  • 20% OC, 1.34 Capsaicinoid super hot formula
  • Includes a safety cap and finger loop handle  
  • EFFECTS: Guard Alaska Bear Mace Spray is a formulation of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Bear Safe Formula, a natural ingredient derived from hot peppers that is EPA regulated. Upon contact, OC Pepper causes the membranes of the eyes, nose and lungs of a bear to engorge and the result is the temporary loss of sight, restriction of breathing and a painful burning sensation.
  • USE: To use Guard Alaska Bear Mace Spray, pull off the orange safety wedge on the top of the grip. Be ready to spray the bear by pressing down on the actuator button on the top of the hand grip.

A Mace Bear Spray Holster is available for easy carrying.

  • STORAGE: Store bear repellent spray in cool dry areas away from heat, flame or strong sunlight.  Do not store where temperature may exceed 120°F/50°C such as an enclosed vehicle, which can cause spray canisters to leak from over pressurization and fail to function properly. Do not store bear repellent in cold environments below 32°F/0°C, which can cause depressurization and the loss of effective range.


  • Mace Brand pepper sprays have a shelf life of three years from the date of manufacture and each unit is labeled with an expiration date. An expired unit will not have the amount of pressurization needed to spray properly. Expired units should be disposed of in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations. We recommend purchasing a new unit every two to three years to make sure you are always safe!




(No reviews yet) Write a Review