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Friction Loc Batons

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Product Overview

Friction Baton, 21"- The ASP Friction Loc Baton is the most tactically sophisticated impact weapon currently available to law enforcement personnel.

Sometimes, entering a room where your safety is not guaranteed is unavoidable. Women often face a situation where they have to go on business trips alone and meet strange people. They can be welcoming or overly friendly individuals without regard for personal boundaries.

Nowhere does it say that a woman has to endure humiliation and not sabotage a good business deal at the cost of her safety! You should not have to stand for harassment!

Protect yourself at all costs because your personal safety and self-worth are more important than anything else. ASP provides the best type of security with the Friction Loc Baton. It is the best on the street because law enforcement uses this baton as an impact weapon.

  • DRUNK AND HANDSY: Use the baton for self-defense if a drunk stranger is getting too comfortable in your company. You should let the steel shaft take care of the insolent people.
  • PROFESSIONAL AND DISRESPECTFUL: If you find a professional colleague touching you inappropriately, do not wait for their behavior to escalate before you take action. Your professionalism must remain as long as your personal safety is not at risk.

Friction Batons expand by sharply flicking the baton straight up or straight down to extend the inner shafts. Each shaft is locked rigidly in place by a precision Friction taper.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review