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ESP Tactical Collapsible Hardened Police Baton 21" - Gold

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Product Overview

You do not want to imagine a situation where a loved one is rendered helpless! Whether it’s your mother, sister, brother, wife, or daughter, you want them to be safe anywhere they go.

Give them this Tactical Collapsible Hardened Police Baton. Teach them how to use it without losing grip. Preparing your family for self-protection is the best alternative when you are not with them.

If they can protect themselves from an attacker, they won’t be afraid to go out of the house again!

  • EXPANDABLE POLICE BATON: Easy to carry around in a purse or bag. If the women in your family return late after work or school, they can keep it with them.
  • HARDENED MATERIAL: A strike to the baton won’t bend it. If the attacker has a weapon of his own, the impact won’t damage the baton. Your loved one will have a chance to strike a blow of their own! They can get out unscathed from the attack.
  • GOLD COLOR: Easy to spot from a distance. Stop an attacker before they approach you by flicking the wrist and expanding the baton.
  • FIRM GRIP: Darkness and empty streets can make people worry about their safety. They start shaking and losing control of their things. The baton’s firm grip will keep them grounded.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review