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Product Overview

Quick thinking will get you out of a dangerous situation. Adults, teenagers, and even kids can benefit from personal safety devices that protect them in unfortunate circumstances.

If you find yourself handcuffed or restrained by an unfriendly source, you’ll need an Escape Stick™ to free yourself and move to safety, but how does an Escape Stick™ help?

  • 3” Length, 0.31” Diameter, and 0.15 oz Weight: In short, Escape Stick™ is a tiny personal safety device that can come in handy if someone has trapped you. While thinking of yourself in a bad situation is scary, remember to always carry your Escape Stick™ in your pocket or waistband for safety.
  • Various Restraint Types: Escape Stick™ is a one-stop solution for breaking free of any type of restraint. Zip-ties, handcuffs, duct tape, packing tape, rope, cords, etc.
  • Reliable Diamond Rod Saw: At first glance, it looks unimportant, but the hidden components provide value to the 3” Escape Stick™. The stick has an element with a rod saw on one end and a handcuff key on the other. The components of Escape Stick™ are secured inside a rubber sheath to keep it covert.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review