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DPS 3/4 oz. Keyring Unit

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Wondering how you can stay away from an attacker and avoid close contact simultaneously? Some of the most effective self-defense weapons need you to get within a few feet of the attacker to hurt them. If you are not close enough, the attacker will chase you.

The first thing to do in self-defense is to incapacitate your attacker and run as far away as possible. How to do it with a safe distance self-defense weapon for women? We present DPS 3/4 oz. Keyring Unit with the longest range!

  • 15 Feet: You do not need to be within a few feet of the attacker to harm them with your pepper spray. DPS X-Stream Range has the longest range of attack.

You can be as far away as 15 feet and still hurt the attacker bad enough to bring them to their knees.

  • Convenient Keyring: No need to look around your purse or bag to find your pepper spray each time you encounter a creep.

Attach the DPS 3/4 oz. pepper spray to your keyring and easily grab it whenever you need to scare away dogs or men.



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review