Comb Knife

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Product Overview

The Comb Knife is an easily concealed and discreet personal defense knife. Ordinary in look, but slide the bristle section back, and watch the perp scram. The handle becomes an effective dagger with 3 inch stainless steel blade.

At 6.25" inches overall, it's small enough to fit in your pocket or pursue.

 As a comb its particularly appropriate when carried in a glove compartment, travel luggage, or a woman's handbag and will look perfectly natural in virtually every room in your house. Great item for men or women. Fixed Blade Knife.


  • A dagger that looks like a hair comb
  • Sharp and Easy to Use
  • ABS/Nylon Fiber Construction
  • Small To Fit In Pocket Or Purse
  • Overall Length 6.75" with Comb
  • Blade Length 3" Inches
  • Handle Length 3" Inches

For those that want a discreet, yet functional defensive tool then the Comb Knife is the answer! Keep your locks well-groomed and have a blade hidden and ready for use at the same time!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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