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Brutus Bull Dog Self Defense Keychain*

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Product Overview

When you need an easily concealed self-defense tool, this Brutus Bulldog keychain is ideal. Here is an Unbreakable ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiend Styrene) personal defense keychain that can deliver an impactful wallop to a determined malcontent who has chosen you as their next victim.

You have every right to guard yourself against unwanted advances. Don't leave home without your "protector" attached by its keychain to your shoulder strap, belt loop, or backpack.

Would you have time to open your purse or briefcase for your "sharp-eared" personal defense weapon if you were in imminent danger of attack?

How To Use -  Rigid Knuckles and Sharp Edges

Put your fingers through the eye-holes of Brutus Bulldog and keep your striking or slashing motions short and fast. Aim for exposed joints such as the wrist, collarbone, eyes, nose, or temple. (Molded plastic with sharp edges)

It is best not to extend this defensive weapon past your fingers "second joint" to prevent injury to your hand.

Survival Objective -

Whenever you have to defend your life against a predator who is determined to do you bodily harm, you must have the mindset to disable the "assailant" long enough to get away to safety.

Let Brutus Protect You From The Evils of life!


4-23 or 10-12


(No reviews yet) Write a Review