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Baton Expandable Telescopic Pink Rubber Handle Chrome

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Product Overview

Predators are everywhere! You can’t avoid every dark street leading to your home forever. You have to summon the courage to face your fear of the dark and cross deserted streets alone. However, you don’t have to be completely alone!

Our Baton Expandable Telescopic non-lethal weapon will be with you every step of the way. It will give you the courage to face your fears. And become the protector you need if things go wrong. Here’s why you need to own an extendable baton for self-defense:

  • Extendable Baton keeps the predator away from grabbing you. Using the Baton for protection is your way of letting the world know you are never alone on the street!
  • Its Pink Rubber Handle gives you the hope to remain steady if someone approaches you with bad intentions.
  • The Chrome Baton Expandable is the color of steel we all recognize for weapons. When the Baton extends, its shine gives you the confidence to believe in yourself and quickly run away from the situation.
  • The three sizes: 16”, 21”, and26”, are available to help you pick the one that fits your physique and strength. If you want to go for the extended one, feel free to do so. You know your protection best!




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(No reviews yet) Write a Review