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ASP Lockwrite Pen Handcuff Key-Click

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Product Overview

The ASP Lockwrite Pen Handcuff Key - Click combination is carried by many law enforcement officers. Thanks to the ingenuity of ASP "Armament Systems and Procedures," this writing pen and cuff key combination serves the needs of many officers, correctional officers, and bailiffs. Security officers also find it handy to carry this functional tool.

Writing Implement - Handcuff Key

When you're working as LEO or security, you need all of your tools of the trade to work flawlessly. Your pen must write smoothly. That is accomplished thanks to the high-density ink cartridge made in Germany.

The ASP Lockwrite Pen Handcuff Key - Click uses only the best materials like 4140 steel for the key itself.

Refills are available here.


  • Heat Treated 4140 Key
  • Click Activation
  • Long Thro Mechanism
  • German In Cartridge
  • Spare Refill




(No reviews yet) Write a Review