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7.5" Emergency Hammer With Seat Belt Cutter and Window Punch

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Product Overview

7.5" Emergency Hammer With Seat Belt Cutter and Window Punch

Far too many people have been trapped in a submerged car with the electric windows up and their seat belts buckled.

A gallon of water weighs 8.3454 pounds. Cold water is a little heavier than warm water, but not much.

Influencing Factors:

Some studies have reported that over 10,000 water-immersion auto accidents happen yearly. Further negative factors that influence the high number of deaths due to immersion are:

  • Many cars fill with water within 30 to 120 seconds.
  • Inside, the car is dark, causing disorientation.
  • Panic causes many people to lose their ability to think straight, thus not knowing what to do.
  • Vehicles with engines in the front have a solid propensity to turn upside down. 
  • Seat belt buckles are much harder to find and unbuckle in the dark, cold water.

Best Option for getting out of an underwater vehicle.

Your best option is to use some device in your car at all times that allows you to cut a seat belt and or break your windows in an emergency.

Please check out the emergency auto escape tool that can cut your seat belt and punch out a window all in one. This convenient auto emergency tool can be stored anywhere near the driver seat.


  • Seat belt cutter razor
  • Two headed window punch
  • Heavy duty plastic construction
  • Black plastic holder with glow in the dark button
  • Color: Bright Orange
  • Hammer Length: 7”

How to Use the Window Punch:

Strike the center of the glass window with the window punch

How to Use the Seat Belt Cutter:

Insert seat belt into the cutter and pull away from your body



(No reviews yet) Write a Review