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20 Million volt Stun Gun Knife and Flashlight Combo

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Product Overview

A single self-defense weapon is not helpful in all situations. Sometimes you need a flashlight to shine in the attacker’s eyes and run away. Other times, you need a strong weapon like a stun gun or knife to protect yourself before calling the cops.

Instead of adding more weight to your handbag by getting a knife, a stun gun, and a flashlight, choose this triple-threat self-defense tool! Stun Gun Knife and Flashlight Combo offer 20,000,000 volts of charge, a 3 1/4” blade, and a 120 Lumens LED flashlight.

  • RAZOR SHARP EDGE: The knife is your ultimate self-defense tool for protection. It’s a blade with a razor-sharp edge that adds more distance between you and the attacker.
  • 20 MILLION VOLTS OF PROTECTION: The crackle of the stun gun knife will instill fear of pain in the attacker and make them take a few steps away from you. Ensure you move your hand holding the weapon first if the attacker advances again.
  • DISORIENTATION: If you do not wish to use the painful methods, use the flashlight to hinder the attacker’s vision. It will give you the time to hide, run away or call someone for help.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review