2 Person Essential Survival Kit

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Is it that time of the year when you are planning a trip with your partner? Maybe you have a weekend off and want to enjoy a camping trip with your kid? If you are planning something for the great outdoors, you should go prepared!

A 2-Person Essential Survival Kit will provide all the basic luxuries of urban life. In the meantime, enjoy your camping, hiking, or trekking trip with your partner or kid.

  • You will have food and waterto keep you fed for 72-hours. This camping survival kit includes meals that provide a 3-days’ worth of nourishment for two people. There are hydration bags with straws and tablets to filter water.
  • First aid kit to prevent injuries from causing infections and tools to help with navigation and personal safety.
  • Emergency blankets, ponchos, and body warmers to help you survive any temperature and weather conditions. If the temperature drops a few degrees, you’ll have these materials to keep you warm.
  • Candle, flashlight, radio, and survival cardsto prepare you for nighttime and emergencies.
  • Sanitation emergency kit to help you stay clean and fresh even after a night out at a campsite!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review