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2 LOCKS (Double/Single) 2 Keys Handcuffs - PINK

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Product Overview

When you can’t run away from your attacker…

When you have no choice but to stay where you are and wait for help to arrive… 

What should you do to keep yourself safe and away from the assailant?

Double Lock Handcuffs are the 2 Locks, 2 Keys handcuffs that will keep you safe!

  • Use your stun gun, baton, pepper spray, or any other self-defense weapon of choice. Render the attacker helpless before you move on to the next step!
  • Bring out the 2 Locks Handcuffs. Open the chains of the handcuffs and secure the wrists of the attacker behind their back.
  • The chains will snap tightly, preventing them from running away. No matter how much they want to escape, they can’t!
  • The solid steel cuffs are similar to those used by law enforcement and security officers. They are sturdy, non-lethal self-defense weapons that won’t bend or break.
  • Remember to stand as far away from the attacker as possible, holding the 2 Universal keys. The goal of using any self-defense weapon, including these handcuffs, is to create distance between you and your attacker.
  • Buy these Double Lock Handcuffs in Pink, for it’s the color of comfort, warmth, and hope. These are the positive emotions you’ll need if you face an attacker!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review